MS Staircase

A Mild Steel Staircase is one of the types of staircases that are made of mild steel. Mild steel is a low-carbon steel so it is easy to shape and form. The MS Staircase was recommended by many engineers because of its strength, and inexpensive to buy. You can make a variety of designs by using this mild steel, and you can paint them to protect the staircase from rust. It is one of the best options for commercial or residential building construction.

MS Connecting Bridge

Mild Steels are the common equipment for constructing connecting bridges. It is considered the best economic option and is used to construct long bridges, medium and short-span highway bridges, railway bridges, and many more. These are the solutions for society to support the public for transportation and are also an important factor for your infrastructure.

Safety Gates

Safety Gates protect a particular building from unauthorized access by other persons. These gates will provide protection for your valuable assets. Some people constructing security gates for kids, that will protect them from staircases or other dangerous areas. So the use of these types of gates is very important and you can take safety precautions by constructing them.

Sliding Gates / Regular MS Gate

Sliding Gates are the move from one gate post to another side, these gates are used for commercial and residential buildings. For house owners regular MS gates are affordable, easy to customize, and relatively lightweight compared to other gates. You can select any gates that are suitable for your needs, these will help to protect your property.

Puf Panel Roofing

A PUF means Polyurethane Foam is one of the layers in the metal sheets. This material is mainly used to construct shelters and portable cabins. PUF panels look like sandwiched panels that are built with two metal sheets. You can see that there are many households using these metal sheets to protect their vehicle, clothes, etc from the sun or rain.

MS Pergola

The pergola is one of the outdoor structuring processes that is used by columns to support the roofing. It has supporter beams on the four sides, there are no walls, and a well-designed roof on the top. It was the output of the pergola work, you can make your building attractable by using this effective way of construction.

MS Platforms For Solar

There are many office or house that uses the solar system to achieve their basic needs. If you fix the solar system on the mild steel platforms, that will help the solar system to do its work effectively. Because using these solar platforms will protect the solar system from damage and other issues, it is very important to build it

MS Warehouse Fabrication

Mild Steels are the best and most flexible material that is used by many people. Because compared to other materials you can buy it at lower cost. You can simply twist and cut the metals that’s why it is suitable to construct buildings. Engineers suggest these metals to build warehouses because using these metals will offer superstructure buildings.

Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing

Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing is the process of shaping, and cutting for using them as a roofing material. It is one of the best choices for roofing your building because it is a lightweight material, and has excellent light transmission properties. These roofings are commonly used in industries, skylights, greenhouses, and canopies.

MS Mezzanine Floor

MS Mezzanine Floor is a modular interlocking system that is easy to install and you can make additional space in your room or office. Most of the property owners use this area as storage space, which helps them to store important things. This space will make your room beautiful because the use of mild steel will create an attractive sight for your room.